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Minting An NFT Edition Drop

Learn how to create a claimable drop of N-of-one NFTs using the ERC-721 standard

Creating A Claimable NFT Drop Edition

This article helps guide you on creating or "Lazy Minting" a claimable NFT drop edition ousing the ERC-721 standard.

The Edition Drop contract is best used when you want to release many NFTs based on the same asset, and uses the ERC1155 Standard, also known as "Semi-Fungible Tokens". The Edition Drop allows you to define the conditions for when and how you mint an NFT, including allowlists, release dates, claim limits and delayed reveals.

Use Cases:

  1. Create NFT Memberships such as our Early Access Cards that you want your users to claim
  2. Release an item in your game for a limited-time
  3. Create 100 NFTs based on one art-piece, and allow users to claim one per wallet

See ERC-721 Standard

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